Sherlock Holmes Weekend on Governors Island

Join us out on Governors Island for a weekend in celebration of Sherlock Holmes! Admission is free! Come to Nolan Park 4B, a short walk from the Manhattan and Brooklyn ferries. September 16-17, 11:00 AM to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Governors Island Ferry information

Sherlock Holmes Weekend is hosted by the Empire State Center for the Book. We will be out in Nolan Park in one of their lovely homes spending the day discussing Sherlock Holmes and the communities surrounding him.

Join us for talks, lectures, podcasts, a study of local communities, and just general enjoyment for the leading detective of mystery.

Quarters 4
Quarters 4
The Event is Free and open to all! Bring your deerstalker and come enjoy a day talking about the Great Detective!

Saturday, September 16th

Ira Matetsky, local Sherlockian and scholar, will be leading a discussion on Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, and the Sherlockian World.

Christopher Zordan, a member of the Baker Street Irregulars, will be discussing from his field Holmes, Science, and the application of the Scientific Method.

Join Andy Heidel, proprietor of The Way Station and artist Eric Hamilton as they discuss Holmes’ influences in mysteries and geekdom from their book True Crimes from Rhymes Square and Andy’s newest book coming out soon The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy..

2pm – 4pm
Priory Scholars of NYC will be leading an introduction to Sherlockian Scions. Ever wanted a way to meet up and discuss the Master? Various groups all over the US have dinners, meetings, and events that provide interactive opportunities with quizzes, discussion, and usually a chance to peel apart a case and take part in the Great Game. Stop by to see what it’s all about and how you can get involved!

Sunday, September 17th

Join us for a 221B open house! Ask questions, get information, and come see what Sherlock Holmes is about and how you can get involved in the community that stretches out internationally.

Katie Woodward, right off her artist residency at Bryant Park, will be leading a 221B and Sherlock Holmes Figure Drawing session! Bring your sketch books as Tiffany Rae Knight poses as a Steampunk take of Sherlock Holmes.

After your sketching session, talk about fashion and costuming within the Sherlock Holmes universes with Tiffany and designer Elicia Lord. They’ll be geeking out about constructing your own, the history of costuming in the Sherlock fandom, and how costumes play a part in the Cannon.

Members from Three Patch Podcast will be leading us in a discussion on Fandom 101! Come as they talk about Holmes, Sherlock BBC, and the other incarnations of how Sherlock Holmes has spread through popular culture and communities.

Amy Beshara Music, fiddler extraordinaire, will be sitting down with Tiffany from The Baker Street Babes to record a Live and Local Podcast. Amy is joining us straight back from her trip to Nepal. We’ll be picking her brain on the Violin, Nepal, and the types of instrument Holmes himself may have picked up on his travels- and how it would have shaped his own playing.

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